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November 24, 2008

OOPSLA 2008–Scala

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Several papers such as Generics of a Higher Kind, The Visitor Pattern as a Reusable, Generic, Type-Safe Component, and Constrained Types for Object-Oriented Languages at OOPSLA were more or less related to Scala. I hadn’t got the chance to educate myself about Scala until I attended the tutorial “Programming in Scala” offered by Bill Venners.

Scala interoperates with Java. By integrating features of both object oriented programming and functional programming it achieves a concise syntax. Scala is statically typed and OOPSLA papers related to Scala mainly dealt with its type system.

Bill went through concrete Scala examples and explained basic Scala syntax. Then, he went on and explained pattern matching in Scala which models algebraic data types in functional langauges. The tutorial was a good introduction to Scala. And, I hope to learn about more advanced features of Scala such as “Abstract Members”, “Extractors”, “Actors and Concurrency”, “Variance Annotation”, “Lower/Upper Type Bounds”


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