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February 15, 2009

OOPSLA 2008–Sound and Extensible Renaming for Java

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Sound and extensible renaming addresses the difficulty of coming up with a correct implementation of the rename refactoring in Java. The presenter did a good job of motivating the audience at OOPSLA. At the beginning of his talk, he showed several examples of Java programs causing all major Java IDE’s to fail in performing the rename refactoring correctly. The authors mention two reasons for complexity of the rename refactoring:

  1. addition of new constructs to the Java language
  2. complex name lookup

They introduce a systematic way to ensure that the binding structure of the program is maintained when the refactoring is applied. In addition, they claim their approach is modular and thus easy to be extended to support new constructs of the Java language.
They have implemented the so called inverted lookup functions in JastAdd. By implementing the inverted lookup function corresponding to each lookup function, they claim no corner cases are missed and thus the binding structure is kept unchanged. While performing the rename refactoring, it might be necessary to replace some names by their fully qualified names. Some existing Java IDE’s abort the refactoring in such cases because of too strong preconditions. In their approach, they let the user perform the refactoring by automatically replacing a name by its fully qualified name if necessary.

Their paper demonstrates how tricky it is to implement the rename refactoring correctly. However, I still think there are some easier ways to fix the problem. Most IDE’s such as Eclipse can list all references of a particular variable. This means they can easily build the binding structure of the program. If we compare the binding structures before and after the refactoring we can prevent performing a rename refactoring which changes the binding structure.

The paper addresses an important problem and it might be possible to solve some deficiencies of other refactorings similarly.


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  1. The two ways discussed, namely new constructs in java language and complex name lookup are both implemented with the magic specification in java called reflection. The latter’s might need an action based framework.

    Comment by parsa moshrefi — June 24, 2009 @ 5:40 am | Reply

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