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March 12, 2008

Continuous Integration in Open Source

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Have open source projects increasingly been using continuous integration?

Dirk Riehle et. al. try to answer the above question in a paper entitled Continuous Integration in Open Source Software Development.

They considered 5122 open source projects from the database of the open source analytics firm

To come to the conclusion that continuous integration is being used in open source projects, they expect to see that the average size of code contributions, the individual check-in into a source code repository, would have gone down over the last ten years, and they would expect to see that the average frequency of such check-ins has gone up.

However, their analysis does not validate the hypothesis that open source software developers are practicing continuous integration. Their indicator, the average size of a commit, remained almost constant over the years with no significant trend or pattern.

One might argue that they should have categorized the projects based on the languages or the platforms they use as there might be some continuous integration tools available for one platform but not the other. Nevertheless, I think it gives enough evidence to prove the lack of continuous integration in open source software development.

So, why aren’t open source developers using continuous integration? Is it due to the lack of decent continuous integration tools for open source projects? Aren’t open source developers aware of the advantages of continuous integration? Is continuous integration useful for open source development at all?

The answer is not so clear to me. But, I assume we should give the community more time to adopt new technologies.

At the end, I’d like to emphasize the fact that one cannot conclude that a group is not agile for it’s not doing a particular agile practice. Kent Beck confirms my statement in an interview where he says:

“If somebody understood a bunch of practices and tried to do them, you could do agile development without being agile and it’s a disaster because you’re acting out of harmony with what you really believe when you do that.”


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